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1. Why do you feel the Portuguese Water Dog is a good choice for your family?

2. What made you decide to get a dog, particularly a PWD? What have you come to know about the PWD?

3. Do you know anyone who has a PWD or spent time with one?

4. What is the makeup of your family or household? Please include ages of children.

5. Tell us about your home, and the facilities you have to care for a dog. Is your yard fenced?

6. Where is the dog when you are at work or away from home? What hours are you away from the house on a normal day? Where will the dog sleep?

7. What are your feelings towards crate training?

8. What recent/past experience have you had with dogs? Have you ever taken a dog to obedience training? What other pets do you have in your household?

9. What purpose are you purchasing a PWD? Check all that apply.

Family pet
Obedience training

Therapy dog
Water work


10. What types of activities do you and/or your family enjoy doing?

11. What puppy classes are available in your area (e.g. socialization)?

12. How would you deal with your puppy chewing, crying at night, and housebreaking?

13. Do you have a preference to sex, colour and coat type, please explain why?

14. How did you find out about Portuguese Water Dogs & Casa Hoya�s PWDs?

15. How have you prepared for the financial commitment involved in having a pet other than the original cost of the dog? (veterinarian costs, quality food, regular grooming, equipment, puppy and obedience classes)

16. What are your plans for required regular grooming requirements for the PWD?

17. What are your plans for the puppy when on vacation or away for extended periods?

18. If circumstances rendered you unable or unwilling to keep and/or care for this dog properly, would you agree to return it to the breeder? If no, why not?

19. Other information, comments, concerns

    My family is interested in a Portuguese Water Dog and understand the long-term commitment for care and training of this animal.