Our ninth litter is born July 4, 2013!!


multi CH
Cosmos Got Me LoveStoned "JT"
HD A, OptiGen Normal/Clear, GM-1 Normal,
JDCM 1-2 (probable carrier), Improper Coat Carrier,
Eyes Clear

multi CH
Casa Hoya's I'm A Flirt "Bonny"
HD C, OptiGen Normal/Clear, GM-1 Normal,
JDCM 1-1 (probable normal), Improper Coat Normal,
Eyes Clear

Bonny usually lives in Dordrecht with family van Varik. She visits with us very often and feels as much at home here as there. At the moment she is staying at our house while she is pregnant and will deliver and raise her pups here too :-)

July 4 Bonny gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies, 3 boys and 2 girls :-)
All are black wavy with some white markings. Bonny is a wonderful mommy, she adores her babies and takes great care of them!

Here are pictures of the puppies 5˝ weeks old

wavy male

wavy male

wavy female

wavy female

wavy male

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The theme of this litter is PINK!
The official names for the puppies are:

Casa Hoya's Just Give Me A Reason "Moody"
Casa Hoya's Raise Your Glass "Jones"
Casa Hoya's Cuz I Can "Nikki"
Casa Hoya's Don't Let Me Get Me "Pépé"
Casa Hoya's There You Go "Izi"

Moody, Jones, Nikki & Pépé live in the Netherlands
Izi is living in Denmark

and we are very proud of Jones, he is trained to be a service dog :-)