Our fifth litter was born November 27, 2005


multi CH
Casa Hoya's Daredevil Griffin "Dima"
HD D, OptiGen A1 by parents

multi CH
OreoBay Rock My Girl Ashanti "Ashanti"
HD A, OptiGen A1, GM-1 Normal

After long consideration, and after talking with other breeders and our veterinarian, we decided to use our boy Dima once for our own breeding program. In October 2005 we mated him with our girl, Ashanti.

Ashanti whelped 9 lovely puppies, 5 boys and 4 girls, 4 brown boys - 1 black boy and 4 black girls, all with some amount of white. Ashanti is a very caring and loving mom.

Here are pictures of the puppies at 5 weeks of age

black wavy female

brown wavy male

black wavy female

brown wavy male

black wavy female

Ms Dynamite
black wavy female

black wavy male

Billy Brown
brown wavy male

brown wavy male

The theme of this litter is Editions!
The official names for the puppies are:
(click on the name to see more recent pictures of the dog)

Casa Hoya's Special Edition "Keisha"
Casa Hoya's Dream Edition "Bryan"
Casa Hoya's Juicy Edition "Apple"
Casa Hoya's HotShot Edition "Shaggy"
Casa Hoya's Limited Edition "Kylie"
Casa Hoya's Sparkling Edition "Missy"
Casa Hoya's Exclusive Edition "Ludacris"
Casa Hoya's Spirited Edition "Billy Brown"
Casa Hoya's Copyright Edition "Kima"

Keisha, Apple, Shaggy and Ludacris live in the Netherlands
Bryan is living in Portugal
Billy is living with his family in Denmark
Kylie, Kima and Missy are living in America

All the pups from this litter are (co-)owned by Casa Hoya's

Keisha, Kylie, Ludacris, Kima and Apple are (multiple) show Champions!
Keisha, Kylie, Ludacris and Kima are all group winners too!