These dogs are are part of our current show team and/or (future) breeding program and (co-)owned by Casa Hoya's but live with other wonderful families.

It's impossible for us to keep them all at our own home and have enough time for each individual dog for training etc. We are very grateful with the great homes we were able to place our dogs in!

Casa Hoya's Kiss Me If You Dare

Casa Hoya's Cuz I Can

Casa Hoya's My Style

Casa Hoya's Crazy But True

Marinella's Wanted Dead Or Alive

Casa Hoya's Dreaming Out Loud

Casa Hoya's Gonna Love Ya

A'Acqua di Gio van de Duca Vallei

Casa Hoya's Dream Big Or Go Home

Casa Hoya's Dare To Dream

Casa Hoya's Believe And Be Awesome
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